Electric fishing reel
Electric fishing reel
Matthew 4:19 - Jesus said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men."
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Electric fishing reels
Electric fishing reels
The above information was taken from the available information within each manufacturer's website and was updated on 7/7/2015.
Question?  Visit our F.A.Q. area, use our Contact Form, or call (910) 470-2888.
Electric reels
Electric reel
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Electric fishing reels
Electric fishing reels
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Comparison Chart
- Electric Fishing Reels -
3 Year - Mechanical
1 Year - Electrical
(Reel not included)
1 Year - Mechanical
90 Day - Electrical
$279.99 - $1559.99
(Reel not included)
Precision Auto Reel
Electric fishing reel - Precision
1 Year - Limited
90 Day - Electrical
(Reel not included)
Dolphin Electreel
1 Year
$699.99 - $2399.99
(Reel not included)
Electric fishing reels - Lindgren-Pitman Penn International
1 Year
$1739.95 - $1849.95
(Reel not included)
Electric fishing reels
Electric fishing reels
  • 12 Volt DC (24V - Available upon request)
  • 304 Stainless Steel Driveshaft, Bracket, & Screws
  • Geared Drive System (Steel Gears)
  • Push Button Power Switch (with "Continuous-On")
  • 10' Power Cord (Custom lengths available)
  • Alligator Clips (Terminal Rings - optional)
  • Water Resistant (Washable)
  • Warranty - 3 Year Mechanical/1 Year Electrical
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Extremely Quiet
  • Fits Penn, Shimano, and Daiwa reels
  • Mounting Kits
    One (1) per Unit (Standard)
    Additional kits - $25.00 each
  • Power Cord Connection
    Alligator Clips (Standard)
    Terminal Rings (Optional)
  • Power Cord
    10' (Standard)
    Custom lengths available
  • Voltage
    12V (Standard)
    24V (Available upon request)
Price includes complete FISH WINCH® unit with one (1) Mounting Kit, 10' Power Cord, and Alligator Clips - Reel not included.
Electric fishing reel drives for Penn Senator, Penn Special Senator, Penn US Senator, Penn GT, Penn LD, Penn KG, Penn Formula, Penn GLD, Penn International, Penn Master Mariner, Penn Fathom, Penn Squall, Penn Long
Beach, Penn Longbeach, Penn Peer, Shimano Tiagra, Shimano Tekota, Shimano Trinidad, Shimano TLD, Shimano Torium, & Daiwa Sealine.
UNIT #1 fits:
UNIT #2 fits:
UNIT #4 fits:
UNIT #5 fits:
UNIT #6 fits:
UNIT #7 fits:
UNIT #8 fits:
UNIT #10 fits:
Penn 113H
Penn 113HL
Penn 113HLW
Penn 113HSP
Penn 245LD
Penn 320GT
Penn 320GTi
Penn 320GT2
Penn 320GT2LC
Penn 320LD
Penn 330GT
Penn 330GTi
Penn 330GT2
Penn 340GT
Penn 340GTi
Penn 340GT2
Penn 345GT
Penn 345GTi
Penn 345GT2
Penn 349
Penn 349H
Penn 349HC
Penn 4/0
Penn 40GLS
Penn 45GLS
Penn 112H2
Penn 113H2
Penn 113H2LW
Penn 113H2SP
Penn 113HN
Penn 545GS
Penn 545MAG
Penn 555GS
Penn 555MAG
Penn US113
Penn US113N
Penn US113W
Penn 114
Penn 114H
Penn 114HL
Penn 114HLW
Penn 114HSP
Penn 115
Penn 115L
Penn 116A
Penn 116L
Penn 6/0
Penn 6/0 (Red)
Penn 9/0
Penn 10/0
Penn 12/0
Penn 10KG
Penn 15KG
Penn 24KG
Penn GLD20II
Penn GLD30II
Penn GLD50II
Penn Intl 30S
Penn Intl 30VSW
Penn Intl 30VSWS
Penn Intl 30VSX
Penn Intl 30VSXS
Penn Intl 50VSW
Penn Intl 50VSWS
Penn Intl 50VSX
Penn Intl 50VSXS
Penn FTH40
Penn FTH40LW
Penn FTH60LW
Penn SQL25N
Penn SQL30
Penn SQL30LW
Penn SQL40
Penn SQL50LW
Penn 112H
Penn 309
Penn 309 (Red)
Penn 309M (Black)
Penn 309M (Red)
Penn 49
Penn 49A
Penn 49L
Penn 49M
Penn 66
Long Beach
Penn 67 Long Beach
Penn 68 Long Beach
Penn 10LD
Penn 15LD
Penn GLD20
Penn GLD30
Penn Intl 20
Penn Intl 20T
Penn Intl 30
Penn Intl 30SW
Penn Intl 30T
Penn Intl 30TW
Penn Intl 30VW
Penn Intl 30VWS
Penn Intl 50
Penn Intl 50S
Penn Intl 50SW
Penn Intl 50T
Penn Intl 50TW
Penn Intl 50VW
Penn Intl 50VWS
Penn Intl 50W
Penn 330LD
Shimano TEK700
Shimano TEK700LC
Shimano TEK800
Shimano TEK800LC
Shimano TN40
Shimano TN40N
Shimano TN50
Shimano TOR50
Daiwa 300H
Daiwa 300HW
Daiwa 350H
Daiwa 350HW
Daiwa 400H
Daiwa 400HW
Daiwa 450H
Daiwa 450HW
UNIT #3 fits:
electric fishing reels
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UNIT #9 fits:
UNIT #11 fits:
Penn 114H2
Penn 114H2LW
Penn 114H2SP
Penn 114L2
Penn 115L2
Penn SQL50LD
Penn SQL60LD
* Coming Soon *
Shimano Tiagra
Shimano TLD II
Daiwa 600H
Daiwa 900H
UNIT #12 fits:
Shimano TLD20
Shimano TLD25
* Price includes one (1) complete FISH WINCH® unit - Price does not include Penn, Shimano, or Daiwa reel *
electric reels elec-tra-mate
electric reels elec-tra-mate
FISH WINCH® electric fishing reel drives adapt to more reels than any other brand in the world and they come with the
industry's longest warranty.
FISH WINCH® quickly converts 137 different Penn, Daiwa & Shimano reels into quiet and
powerful electric fishing reels with retrieve speeds of 247-580 feet per minute.
FISH WINCH® electric fishing reel drives
are stronger than any other electric fishing reel drive that produces as much torque for anywhere near the price.